Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Managment Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Managment - Case Study Example These new values were identified by him as they were in keeping with the current competitive and changing environment to which airlines around the world were being forced to adapt if they wished to survive. This case clearly shows that even if you have the potential and capital, if work is not organized properly, the company cannot survive. This is what this company did. Motivation and redesigning work organization structure are keys to success here. Using James Hoogan as an example of effective leadership, this essay will argue that effective leadership is a combination of strategic and operational leadership values rather than a one dimensional energizing or motivational leadership. Leadership that combines the strategic and the operational is the key requirement to turning around an organisation that is in danger of going under, because there is a lot more at stake in such a company than just a workforce that is not motivated or skilled enough. There are faulty strategies that need to be identified and isolated and changed operational values that need to be put in place to fit the strategy outlined. There is no room for experimentation as in many cases the situation is a do or die one. These situations require leaders who can do a lot more than just motivating and training the workforce with new skills. Very often motivation falls in place once the workforce sees new procedures in place and becomes convinced of the changed st rategies. Research indicates that the leadership model suggested by Kenneth Blanchard is the best for effective leadership. With competition getting stronger, leadership is the key to the success or failure of any company as the many mergers, takeovers, chapter 11s, lay offs and the few hard won success stories of the corporate world will bear out. Those companies that have the right leader in the right place at the right time manage to scrape through after resorting to stringent measures and in almost all cases after bringing in a complete change in strategy and work culture, almost a revolution. Many companies even move on to be highly successful and competitive, because their changed business strategy makes them adaptable to a changed business environment. The right leadership is crucial to ensure that this transition from a floundering business to a successful one happens smoothly and successfully. The Gulf Air story is one of a successful transition which happened only because the management of the airline was pragmatic enough to appoint James Hoogan as CEO the right time; the right man at the right time. Three years after he took over the story was a completely different one, he gave Gulf Air a completely new face, quite literally because they even sported a new uniform. In considering the role of leadership in the management of a company, this paper will compare the much acclaimed Jack Welch model with the model given by the Kenneth Blanchard Company, a model that is more acceptable today. The most successful and known model of leadership n corporate literature was given by Jack Welch which he developed with the intention of revolutionizing GE and turning it into the most competitive company in America. He himself led GE for over 20 years and during that tenure he succeeded in transforming it completely. The model of leadership given by him defines a leader as one who possesses the 4 qualities

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